Monday, April 9, 2012

Maintenance Fees Due? Then Check Out Give Back Timeshare

If you're like most timeshare owners, then you initially got your vacation property with the best of intentions. Spending the money to get your timeshare might have seemed like a lot of money to some people you know, but you and I realize the cost of a good vacation spot on a consistent basis every year.

But there's a downside to getting a timeshare that all of us are also familiar with - maintenance fees. It's no secret that timeshare owners have to pay annual maintenance fees on their properties.

Back when you first got your timeshare, it sounded like you wouldn't have any trouble paying them - right?

However, in this economy - money is tight! Regardless of what is going on in politics, I know a number of people who are losing money in their retirements. And when your future finances are dwindling away, it's not the time to start taking vacations. Instead, it's time to bunker down and get serious about both making and saving money.

For some of us, it makes sense to get rid of our timeshares and other unneeded expenses in our lives. At some point you might have some spare cash to start taking vacations again. But let's get one thing straight...

There is no shame in getting rid of your timeshare when your finances are looking a little unstable.

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