Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Can Give Back Timeshare Do For You And Why Should You Choose Us?

Give Back Timeshares is different from many other individuals and small competitors, as we have cultivated years of experience in the timeshare industry. We have striven to uphold strong ties with a diverse group of affiliated partners who utilize our database of properties for a variety of services, using bulk holdings to provide clients’ travel accommodations. Since these subsidiaries do not typically conduct business in a direct manner with an individual company, they rely on Give Back Timeshare’s knowledge and expertise to not only gather and dispatch these units in bulk-sized quantities, but also to manage the assets under our company’s unparalleled resources. 

After acting as legal counsel for the some of the biggest names in the timeshare industry, our leading Chief Legal Officer, who also practices as a licensed Florida attorney, came to the conclusion that the timeshare industry was in harm's way; it needed the aid of an principled and accomplished company that would uphold a sense of integrity to its name by substantiating all promises made to its customers. He came to this conclusion after being witness to the victimization of hundreds of timeshare owners time after time again. This was a result of their involvement with unprincipled listing  companies that required expensive upfront charges. 

Despite the numerous guarantees these companies laid out in their business mottoes, they would either completely disregard their promises, or charge their customers excessively high fees. More often than not in these lose-lose situations, these companies work hand over their customers to expert companies like ours in order to complete the transactions. Give Back Timeshares seeks to save the frustration of dealing with these dishonest middleman-type companies by providing our customers top-quality service from the very beginning.

We at Give Back Timeshare understand that many individuals and other small-scaled business operators are pressed for time, or do not have the access to adequate resources in order for them to succeed. Over the years, we have formed exclusive relationships with industry giants that co-operate with these properties through a system in which our company receives compensation for the work we put forth—so you don’t have to pay a dime! If your unit does meet our credentials, we will provide all of our services free of charge: including handling all the meticulous details, and most importantly pay all applicable resort closing and transfer fees. On the other hand, even if your resort does not meet our qualifications for free service, our consultants will provide you with their expertise of where to go next—completely free of charge. Other companies cannot afford to disclose this type of advice! Contact us now to receive an honest evaluation of your property—there is no obligation of any kind, and our service is 100% guaranteed!

Our legal expertise, paired with the decades worth of relationships we’ve fully developed in the timeshare industry, has granted us the ability to both perform tasks with confidence and success while ensuring our 100% Guarantee. We at Give Back Timeshares are happy to be of any service to you, and truly appreciate the loyalty and sense of integrity that you and thousands of our other customers have instilled in us. Call or e-mail us today!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Maintenance Fees Due? Then Check Out Give Back Timeshare

If you're like most timeshare owners, then you initially got your vacation property with the best of intentions. Spending the money to get your timeshare might have seemed like a lot of money to some people you know, but you and I realize the cost of a good vacation spot on a consistent basis every year.

But there's a downside to getting a timeshare that all of us are also familiar with - maintenance fees. It's no secret that timeshare owners have to pay annual maintenance fees on their properties.

Back when you first got your timeshare, it sounded like you wouldn't have any trouble paying them - right?

However, in this economy - money is tight! Regardless of what is going on in politics, I know a number of people who are losing money in their retirements. And when your future finances are dwindling away, it's not the time to start taking vacations. Instead, it's time to bunker down and get serious about both making and saving money.

For some of us, it makes sense to get rid of our timeshares and other unneeded expenses in our lives. At some point you might have some spare cash to start taking vacations again. But let's get one thing straight...

There is no shame in getting rid of your timeshare when your finances are looking a little unstable.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

For Everyone Who Needs to Get Rid of a Timeshare Now

Hello and welcome to our blogspot blog.

To kick things off, we'd like to introduce ourselves! After all, there's a slight chance that you might not know about us yet.

We have been in the industry for many years and this has given us a great deal of experience. What matters for you, is the way that we stand out from your other timeshare selling options.

Why are we different?

Connections - We've got them. We work with affiliated partners who generally don't do business with just everyone. However, our relationship allows us to get and deliver properties in bulk to these companies that we have connections with.

If you've tried selling a timeshare, then you realize how important it is to work with someone who has connections. Most timeshare owners end up trying to sell their timeshare through directories and pit themselves up against harsh competition.

Not only that, but consider the fact that timeshare sellers usually out number buyers 20 to 1. Are those good odds? I don't think so.

More often than not, an individual trying to sell on their own, may not succeed. That's why we recommend that you check us out. Talking with us on the phone could the first step to you saving A LOT of time in the long run. Our agents are waiting by the phone and we'd love to go over the details of how our service works.

Please call us at 888-572-6175 or visit our website at to see how it works.

Stay tuned on our blogspot blog for more exclusive updates on our services and helpful tips and tricks to selling timeshares.